MRC Value Proposition

What Every Vessel Owner Needs to Know

Environmental Laws are Tough

  • Canadian law required generators of waste to perform due diligence to avoid ongoing environmental liability.
  • Ontario permits transfer of both ownership and any ongoing liability once waste is received by a legal receiver in Ontario.
  • This transfer of ongoing liability is not possible in the United States, due to the "Superfund Regulations", which assures generator is forever liable.

Owners are Accountable

  • As vessels become obsolete to their owners, environmental responsibility continues until the vessel is properly and completely recycled.
  • MRC has towed and safely recycled more than 100 vessels to date, without claim for any loss.
  • MRC provides Certificate of Liability Release upon total dismantlement, with all contents either re-used, recycled, disposed of, accounted for and all receipts/manifests are kept on file, as required. 

MRC Responsible Recyclers

  • Provides total recycling service including company owned, permitted transports.
  • Annually certifies equipment and specialized workforce, including asbestos abatement, mold, chemicals, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, paints, and corrosive materials.
  • Sister company, Raw Materials Company Inc., operates a hazardous waste processing facility in Port Colborne, Ontario, specializing in battery recycling and heavy metals in various forms including florescent light tubes, mercury filled devices, cadmium, lead and PCB's.
  • MRC also performs stern removals, abatement and removals for re-powering projects, in as little as 30 days, avoiding delays with certified staff, in house, for all abatement and dismantling/removal work.

Efficient & Thorough

  • Continued security by contract with owners, ensuring their vessels will be recycled and not re-sold.
  • Works with sellers to return parts, spares and equipment and to owners as well.
  • Where equipment removal can be more economical, to be removed during the dismantling process.
  • MRC carries full insurance including environmental liability coverage up to $50M.
  • All staff in IMS group receive a minimum 15 hours relative training annually as required by our environmental management system (EMS).
  • MRC is world's First ISO 14001 Certified Ship Recycler in December 2000.

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