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The global ship recycling climate is rapidly changing today. In the past, ship owners have attempted to conceal their involvement in disposal of their obsolete vessels, due to the vessels being sold and broken at sub-standard facilities, where environmental and labor laws are lax or non-existent. Today, the modern ship owner can be as proud of their responsible ship recycling standard, as they are their operational ship management and worker safety standards. There is money in sustainability, and more and more owners today are realizing the importance of closing the sustainability loop of their business by managing its true and complete environmental impacts.

MRC offers fleet owners and marine salvage yards the commercial and technical support to ensure that all phases of the disposal process are efficient and compliant, from decommissioning and towing, to recycling and management of wastes. The MRC team also offers services to recycling associations, governments, shipping banks and insurance companies to provide compliance and responsibility instruments that are globally recognized and accepted.

MRC became the world's first ISO 14001 certified ship recycling company in 2000 and has worked with Canada's member to the Basel Convention and more recently the Hong Kong Convention, in the development of a recognized global recycling standard.

Our services include: 

•    End-of-Life Vessel Management
•    Towing and Preparation
•    Project Management and Supervision 
•    HazMat Management
•    Worker and Management Compliance Training
•    Green Facility Design/Construction
•    Facility Auditing
•    Disposal Program Support (Governments, Defence, Coast Guard)
•    Expert Witness and Insurance Claims.

Regardless of vessel location or recycling country of preference, the MRC team has the experience and qualifications to ensure the job is done right, without unnecessary risk to stakeholders, operating facility teams or the environment.

Contact MRC today and let our 50 years of unparalleled experience work for you!


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