Our Commitment to the Environment

Marine Recycling Corporation strives to promote environmental stewardship initiatives through green corporate partnerships in the marine dismantling and demolition marketplace. Though strict environmental standards, policies and best management practices, MRC is a global leader in marine demolition, retrofits and dismantling. Often referred to as Ship Breaking, MRC has extensive knowledge in the removal and handling of dangerous and hazardous waste commonly found on aged marine vessels and their associated counterparts.

Hazardous wastes and dangerous goods designated under the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act such as Lead, Mercury and Asbestos are handled in house by MRC trained hazardous waste technicians. All employees are tested monthly through rigorous company medical surveillance programs that ensure the workers are protected to the best of MRC ability in the working environment. Mercury control programs, lead control programs and asbestos abatement control programs are all part of MRC’s diligent health, safety and environmental programs. In addition, MRC has numerous trained HazMat Technicians, Confined Space Technicians, Asbestos Certified Technicians as well as many other certified company representatives to properly handle and abate the most dangerous wastes in the most rigorous circumstances.

All waste materials removed from MRC vessel conversions, total vessel demolition or various dismantling contracts are properly identified, packaged and removed from site through authorized contractors approved through MRC’s ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Program. End destination facilities are audited by MRC’s environmental compliance department.

MRC’s greatest commitment to the environment is achieved through its Complete End of-Life Vessel Decommissioning/Recycling Program.


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