MRC Receives the American Fortitude

June 4, 2015

The American Fortitude arrives safely at MRC in Port Colborne, OntarioOn May 14th, MRC completed the journey from Oswego, NY, to Port Colborne, ON, with the American Fortitude in tow.

The American Fortitude was built in 1953 and originally named the Earnest T. Weir, before being purchased by Oglebay Norton and renamed the Courtney Burton in 1978.

In 2006, the Courtney Burton was sold to American Steamship Corporation where she was, again, rechristened with her current and final appellation, the American Fortitude.                                                     The American Fortitude arrives safely at MRC

In November 2014, the American Fortitude was put at anchorage in Oswego, NY, awaiting recycling. Currently, MRC is in the process of recycling this hardworking vessel.

Tug boats manoeuvring the American Fortitude in Lake Ontario.

Overall Dimensions (metric)

Length          690' 00" (210.32m)
Beam            70' 00" (21.34m)
Depth            37' 00" (11.28m)
Capacity (mid-summer)   22,300 tons (22,658 mt) at draft of 27' 06.5" (8.25m)
Power (steam turbine) 7,700 s.h.p. (5,744 kW)



Crew boards the ladder as the American Fortitude sits at anchorage outside of Port Weller  The American Fortitude transiting the Welland Canal at dusk  The American Fortitude in transit through the Welland Canal