MRC Awarded the Contract to Recycle Three DND Auxiliary Vessels

November 12, 2018

MRC was awarded the contract to recycle three DND Auxiliary Vessels including a YRG 60 refueling vessel, a YDG 2 Deperming Barge and a YDT 12 Granby pictured here.

MRC is pleased to announce the safe arrival to Sydport, NS, of three Department of National Defense auxiliary vessels: a YDG 2 Deperming Barge, a YRG 60 Fuelling Barge and YDT 12 Granby.

MRC was awarded the contract to recycle the vessels on September 13, 2018.  The vessels were subsequently prepared and towed from the Canadian Forces Base in Halifax, NS, to MRC’s new recycling facility in Sydney, NS.  The auxiliary vessels represent the third Department of National Defense contract award for MRC, with a total of six Department of National Defense vessels to be safely decommissioned and recycled at MRC Sydney.  The first multiple ship disposal contract at the facility has already been completed.